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Garden Planning part one: Dirty Talk | picky to plenty

I’ve been under a lot of stress lately. Like a lot. I was in a car accident nearly three months ago and it has turned my world upside down. While the accident wasn’t too serious, thankfully, it was enough to cause me health problems I’ve been dealing with ever since. One way to cope with […]

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In defense of weeds | FoodGrow

In defense of weeds February 2, 2015 by Stephen 1 Comment I provide a haven for weeds. No crap! Sometimes, if no one is looking, I even save seed. There are places on my property where I have broken ground, turned the grasses under, and waited, just to see what would grow. And I recommend it. […]

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NZ’s rare heritage vegetables under threat.

NADENE HALL Hold the seeds of Hokianga red corn in your hand and they gleam like burnished gems. They are considered to be treasure of the most precious kind by the Koanga Institute, a non-profit charitable trust that has been saving rare and unusual heritage vegetable and flower seeds, bulbs and fruit trees for almost […]

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Food forests growing in popularity

DAVE NICOLL It’s almost like having the produce section of a supermarket in your backyard… only it’s not quite as organised. Food forests, also known as forest gardening, are an easy to maintain and sustainable way of cultivating a garden by creating a mini ecosystem in your backyard. One of the world’s leading examples is […]

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How a small British garden became a mature food forest

Sami Grover (@samigrover) Video screen capture Permaculture Magazine Many years ago I picked up a book called The Permaculture Garden, by Graham Bell. I was more than a little hooked by the practical tips and inspiring visions of urban and suburban gardens turned into food forests. Since then, I’ve visited/read about/watched videos on more than […]

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