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This Kenyan Teenager Uses Poop To Fuel His School

Leroy Mwasaru’s biodigesters have eliminated two pollution problems in one fell swoop. In rural Kenya, pit toilets—basically holes in the ground, with no water for flushing—are the most common type of toilet. They don’t always work well. At Maseno School, a large boarding school in western Kenya, the sewer system often backed up and contaminated […]

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Village installs biogas plant

A Subburaj,TNN | Jan 1, 2015, 10.13 AM IST COIMBATORE: Kurudampalayam Panchayat shows the way in solid waste management by installing a bio-methanisation plant with the help of Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC). The plant installed at a cost of 30lakh generates four cylinders of gas per day which is supplied to the community hall […]

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Potential for biogas production

Engr. S. A. Mansoor Most household and kitchen waste and leftover food and similar materials are good raw materials for producing bio-gas (methane), an important cooking fuel for the household. Human excreta, generally considered a filthy waste, is also an important source for methane gas which has been economically tapped in Thailand.  This cut down […]

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Now you're growing with gas

NEIL LYON 29 Dec, 2014 03:00 AM It’s like having your own bowser, but the fuel is free  Photo: Michael Conlin A BRISBANE inventor has developed an environmentally friendly, modular system of turning organic waste such as animal manure, fruit and vegetables into free energy that can be used for heating, electricity or as an […]

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