Decarbonise the Air, Recarbonise the Soil

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Agriculture: State-of-the-art soil

A charcoal-rich product called biochar could boost agricultural yields and control pollution. Scientists are putting the trendy substance to the test. Rachel Cernansky 14 January 2015 Jeff Hutchens/Getty Biochar — a soil additive made by heating biological material — is catching attention as a means to improve crop growth and clean up contaminated water. For […]

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Biochar: It’s what’s cooking for farmers

Q: What is biochar, and how can it help reduce my carbon footprint? — WILLIAM JARVIS, BETHLEHEM A: Biochar is a naturally occurring, fine-grained, highly porous form of charcoal derived from the process of baking biomass. It has been associated with fertile soils for some 2,000 years. “Biochar is found in soils around the world […]

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Burnaby firefighters want to recycle your Christmas tree

Christmas is over. Time to put the artificial tree back in the basement – what’s that? You have a real tree? Well, Burnaby firefighters can help you with that. The Burnaby Fire Fighters IAFF Local 323 is hosting its annual Christmas tree chipping event this Sunday, Jan. 4 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at […]

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Coal for Power and Emerging Environmental Constraints: Biochar to the Rescue?

By Ghasideh Pourhashem The new EPA proposal for the reduction of CO2emissions from the electricity generation sector (the so-called Clean Power Plan) requires state-specific reduction in power plant emissions that could achieve up to 30% in national-level CO2 emission, annually. The EPA has suggested four building blocks through which states can achieve the required reductions: […]

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