A Recalculation and a Way Forward

An interesting week.

A little catch up. I harvested some calendula petals this week for the Highclere Herbal Tea enterprise. They dried remarkably well in the oven, set to low and left for a  couple of hours. I’ll leave them in their container for a week to see if there’s any moisture I missed. I’ll be able to tell this if we end up with mould growing on the petals. I had toss out some rose petals which turned very nasty because of retained moisture. Mrs Highclere took delivery of a small food dehydrator this morning. It’s full of apple pieces at present. I’ll give the petals a whirl in it when I can score so….
SOURCE: https://highcleretasmania.wordpress.com/2019/04/18/a-recalculation-and-a-way-forward/

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