Rewilding in Britain: a case study

Dartmoor National Park. Photo by Kirsty Lucas [LEFT]


Over the past few weeks, The Applied Ecologist’s Blog and Relational Thinking have been exploring the hot topic of rewilding from a number of different interdisciplinary and management angles.  Now Sophie Wynne-Jones and Chris Sandom turn their focus to the UK as a, perhaps unexpected, example of where rewilding has grown.
If you ask someone in Britain whether or not they have heard of rewilding, nine time out of ten the name George Monbiot comes up, for both good and bad reasons. Monbiot’s book Feral has caused a lot of excitement and engaged a whole new audi…
SOURCE: https://appliedecologistsblog.com/2019/02/28/rewilding-in-britain-a-case-study/

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