Agroforestry in Scotland? Forestry Grant Scheme funding still available until December 2020

Agroforesty blog 1In today’s blog, our woodlands specialist, Kate Holl, talks about the many benefits of agroforestry for farmers, as well as the funding available.
Agroforestry simply means integrating trees into agricultural land.  But in contrast to farm woodland creation, which normally results in a net loss of productive agricultural land, agroforestry can help improve farming productivity. Agroforestry systems are made up of trees or shrubs integrated into the rest of the farming system in a variety of ways, including alley cropping (rows of trees in between alleys of crops or pasture), trees in pasture, grazed woodland, shelter belts, pollards, trees in riparian zones and orchards.
A central benefit of agroforestry is that produc…

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