A field of clover cover cropBy Jean Nick
Soil will always be the sturdy base of every organic farm, but our understanding of it is continually changing. Thanks to the work of scientists around the world, new information is showing us how and why regenerative organic agriculture leads to healthy soil, healthy people, and a healthy planet. Here’s a review of recent findings by soil scientists.

1. Higher Matter

Soils rich in organic matter hold more air and water and produce higher yields than soils low in organic matter. They also supply a steady release of nutrients to plants, inhibit erosion, and host a robust population of beneficial microorganisms.
Adding compost, using cover crops and mulches, and limiting tillage—basic principles of organic soil management—increase and preserve organic matter.
An analysis of nine years of data from the National Soil Project—including nearly all 50 states—found that org..
SOURCE: https://rodaleinstitute.org/blog/10-ways-organic-improves-soil-health/

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