Soil Association ‘bemused’ by organic farming criticism

The Soil Association has hit back at suggestions that organic farming could be worse for the environment than conventional farming methods.

Climate expert Lord John Krebs told the Oxford Farming Conference on Wednesday (7 January) that organic farming might do more damage to the environment due to increased land required and carbon released from the soil.

“The fact is organic farming is, in general, less productive per hectare than conventional farming and if we want to produce more organic food we need more land to do it, which releases more carbon into the atmosphere,” he said.

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Lord Krebs, who advises the government on climate change policy, argued that agricultural methods, such as minimum or no tillage, could help to protect and manage soils and store carbon to prevent the release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

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  1. I think over farming is killing our planet which can eventually kill us. The statement of this british scientist saying britain soil has 100 seasons left is not surprising. I am sure the USA soil is in just as bad of shape. I find it ludicrious that this man want to continue to use chemicals on the land much less GMO products.

    The future is going organic and non GMO crops. It is how we think of food as well. We need to buy locally produced food and seasonal food. We need to stop wasting so much food.

    I worry when I think about the state of the oceans, the rate birds, bees… are dying. I believe mother nature could heal herself if we helped her along.

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