Organic farming a win for all

Tribune Editorial

Organic farming is cost-effective and has proven to be profitable for farmers

We are pleased to see the Department of Agriculture Extension (DAE) partner with BATB to spread awareness about organic farming and protecting the environment, training people in better crop management, and taking a bio-diversity approach to farming.  This is exactly the kind of venture the government should get behind.
Not only does organic farming make the best use of our natural resources while minimising human impact on the environment, but it is cost-effective and has proven to be profitable for farmers, while giving a yield of fresh, high-quality food products in the market for consumers.
Due to high crop intensity, our nation’s soil has low organic matter content. This is where organic farming proves its use. “Dhaincha” (Sesbania sp) cultivation is one of the most effective, bio-friendly approaches to increasing the nitrogen and organic matter content of the soil. It decreases the need for chemicals and pesticides, thereby ensuring production and output costs are kept low, and prompting the use for agrochemicals and natural fertilisers, such as compost manure and cow dung.

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