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Episode 269. Start Right

This is The ChangeUnderground for the 6th of September 2021.

I’m your host, Jon Moore

Decarbonise the Air, Recarbonise the Soil!

Bit of a longer episode this week but I hope it’ll be worth the listen. 

So you’re ready to start your journey into the world of regenerative smallholding? Well done. But what next? Well I’ve found an article from the site Grow Journey: 15 tips to start a small farm using regenerative practices. Fifteen seems a fun number so let’s dive in, see what Chris Miller of Horseshoe Farm in South Carolina has to say and tease out some ideas of our own.

Tip #1. Get farming experience on multiple farms BEFORE you start a farm. 

This is a great idea, if you can wangle it. There’s nothing like going to a fon t or indeed, several fonts of knowledge. You will develop your own practices anyway  but having a starting point based on reality is a good start. Continue reading →