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Episode 209. The Tightening

This is the World Organic News for the week ending 13th of  April 2020.

Jon Moore reporting!

Decarbonise the air, recarbonise the soil!

Hello listeners! We have had our local hospitals closed for two weeks and they are scheduled for a deep clean. These facilities are the centre of COVID-19 cluster here in the North West of Tasmania. The numbers are small compared to other places on the globe, so Mrs World Organic News and I are relieved these measures have been taken. Herself has been home for three weeks and as I’m classified as an essential worker because I’m in the disability sector, I’ve been out in the community. The drive to work is along back roads and work itself is isolated from the rest of town anyway so we are relatively safe. The only contact with the rest of the world is food shopping. People are doing the right thing and my hands are now almost 90% alcohol from the hand sanitiser. So we remain hopeful and carry on. I hope you all stay safe. Continue reading →

Episode 195. What is regenerative gardening really?

This the WORLD ORGANIC NEWS for the 16th of December 2019.

Jon Moore reporting.

Decarbonise the air, recarbonise the soil.

Benefits of Regen Gardening

Regenerative gardening is a process whereby the gardener focuses on the soil health above all else. From this starting point all else flows. We can either grow veggies or flowers or create a space for pollinators or a playground for children but the underlying principle is that we focus on the soil.

Some of the benefits that arise from this form of gardening are: better water quality, much better soil quality and, if enough people are into this, improved air quality and all of these are wonderful but the real kicker is we also improve our current climate situation.The key to improving the climate is removing CO2 from the air. Happily the key to improving soil involves sequestering carbon in that top six inches under our feet.   Continue reading →