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Episode 303. Burps, Methane & A Plan

This is The ChangeUnderground for the 27th of June 2022.

I’m your host, Jon Moore

Decarbonise the Air, Recarbonise the Soil!

I’ve listened to the horrified reactions of farmer’s around the world when it comes to the methane produced by ruminants. The usual suspects deny it’s a problem, the other usual suspects advocate for animal free agriculture. Somewhere in between lies the solution. 

I’ve discussed some of these issues in Episode 272: Methane? Briefly, are there more ruminants in the world than there was before the start of the Industrial Revolution? Maybe, maybe not. If the numbers are roughly equivalent then the methane exuded is part of the usual background makeup of the atmosphere. That idea though hasn’t stopped methane from ruminants being a target in the emission reduction. Continue reading →